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Warface's first impression is good, but when you start to dive deeper into the game, you'll encounter quite a few issues in the gameplay. Keep in mind that this is still a beta, so know that you *WILL* encounter bugs. The co-op needs balance. One of the most of upsetting elements is when players encounter a special enemy such as a heavy trooper.. It's cool to have a good challenge, but this is too big of a challenge, considering that the heavy trooper's only weakness is the miniscule white light on the back. The AI seems to not give a flying sausage noodle about living, and often just sit there or charge at you, instead of being challenging.. Feels like a bloody 90s game! Oh, and I could NOT find a way to invite a group of friends in the Co-op mode… Now, I am not sure whether I'm just blind, or I'm living in a plain stupidity mode, but I simply could not find a way to invite people into my private game.

With that being said, this game is still quite fun. The graphics are pretty good (they're better than on the video, but when I record I have to kick it down a notch). The sound is acceptable. The gameplay is fairly fun if you ignore the issues, and the climbing dynamics are quite interesting!


For being free to play AND still in a beta stage, this game is pretty sensational. Soon enough, this game might be able to get on the levels of Battlefield and Call of Duty.

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