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Darkwind: War on Wheels

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This "racing" game is somewhat interesting in my opinion. This game is basically a turn based tactical car combat game.. Something I personally never thought would actually be interesting. It is what I call a "breath of fresh air" in a genre of games that have become stale and boring. The graphics, however, are equal to a 1990's or early 2000's racing game.
It's quite a fiddly game at first, but it resolves into a much more well-executed idea than you might actually expect.

You have a gang. You manage their training, vehicles, and travelling all from the Darkwind website. Then, you can fire up the game on the computer and you can take control of the gang in the contests this game offers. Contests can vary from arena battles, to races, to championships of some kind.

There is quite a lot of factors to take into consideration in this game, such as the turning radius of your ride, the speed, the terrain, different stats and skills, and where the opponent's armour is strongest and weakest at.

In order to keep this game interesting, there is quite a large variety of weapons to slap on your whip, such as Machine guns and Rocket Launchers joined by mortars, spike-droppers, ramming spikes, lasers, cannons and etc. Your gang members will be killed, permanently, by every single thing in that list.

Your team, over the course of time, will begin to age: at 30, their starts begin to plummet.. At 40, their skills will fall as well. You can give them nicknames, get attached to them, train them, get them specialties, and one day they shall die.



  +Large Variety of weapons
  +Brutality is awesome
  +Unique Premise


  - Losing gang members permanently is terrible.
  - Really slow paced.. few people have the patience.
  - Graphics are somewhat okayish.

  • Rating: 7.5/10

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