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The Crew: Second Closed Beta

Featured The Crew: Second Closed Beta
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So we have finally gotten the key to the second closed beta, the one happening between August 25th and August 29th.. And I must say, I have never played such a cool game! Keep in mind that I am running just an *AVERAGE* rig with a not so good Intel HD 4600 graphics card, and yet I still (quite surprisingly) managed to get a playable framerate of 20-24fps. So to all of you readers out there with an okayish rig, you can play this with no worries! It won't be everything on extreme, but hey! Better than nothing, right?

This game is truly sensational! From the really fun physics that remind me of Need for Speed: World to the really cool graphics (even if I kicked them down a notch, they still looked marvelous). I adore the sound effects and the engine noises of the game, as it overall gives the whole game a really realistic feel to it. Another thing I enjoy is the attention to detail! When you cruise around, you get marvelous special effects such as the birds flying.. every now and then in races you get cool happenings that you have to zoom past and leave you astonished (such as the building burning down in the first race).. The damage that the car takes is actually really cool.. Not completely realistic, but then again (being a game) it shouldn't be.

I haven't really had a chance to get a crew set up and going, as the game would constantly crash on me after the first race and we only had one key, but I will definitely pre-order this game later on today and get some copies for my friends, because, from the looks of it, it is truly fantastic!

I definitely noticed some bugs here and there, but with it being a Beta, it's fully understandable.. Nothing that can be fixed in the next release of the game!


  • Rating: 9.5/10

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