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The Sims 4 - Review

Featured The Sims 4 - Review
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Electronic Arts and Maxis have once again partnered up again to create The Sims 4. Now the question is.. Is it any better than The Sims 3 and the older titles?
In simple terms.. Depends on the point of view. I'm going to list the downsides of it first, and then I'll try to explain why it's actually better.

The bad:

First off, the world has been separated in a few chunks. What do I mean by this? Simple, you no longer can go from end to end of the city at will. In fact, if you want to visit a different neighborhood, then you'll need to wait a few seconds on a... LOADING SCREEN. That's right. Over the couple years of developement, we were expecting to see seamless world integrations.. Or at least I was. This is highly aggravating for me, as I need to look at a boring loading screen even to go to a neighbor's house, separating you from the sense of community.

The first reason also ties in for this second one, which is the fact that there are no cars or bicycles available as of right now. Maybe we'll see them in future updates, but there is no sign of them right now. You can make it look like they actually have a car by scaling up a car sculpture, but it would end up with the equivalent of a 14 year old with a Ferrari... No use. This, for me, is somewhat frustrating, considering that I am a big petrol head (car fanatic).

Third reason is that the game feels somewhat cut out feature wise.. For example: there is no terraforming (say goodbye to those cool and intricate backyards).. No pools.. No toddlers.. and babies are pretty much static in game.

Fourth: No more "Create A Style." This means no more wood jackets or zebra wrapped cars, and as a result of which, the whole personalization factor in life has been stomped down quite a notch. 

Finally, the fifth reason. This game uses very few resources on your PC. Granted the fact that because of this, the game runs perfectly on pretty much any computer in the household, and I'll get onto that later, people with good machines would almost certainly feel.. Left out! Maxis was so worried about the game not being able to run on most people's computers that they basically remade The Sims 1. What do I mean by this?
Well.. Remember how annoying it was to see your sims disappear whenever going to a restaurant or at work? Well, with the new game, we were expecting to see inside of these buildings and see your sims work.. We weren't expecting, however, to see Maxis get rid of most venues to begin with! We also weren't expecting COMPLETELY FLAT LOTS. 

This bogged down version, however, does have a few upsides that should, hopefully, outweigh the negative.

The Good:

First: As I stated earlier, the game uses very few resources, making the game work on laptops and lower-performance rigs to begin with. This is a BIG upside, as we no longer have big frame drops like in TS3, and a whole lot people can have heaps of fun with the new game! Sure, it may not be as intricate as the 3rd installment, but at least everyone can play it!

Second: The Create-a-Sim tool is actually pretty fun! It is much easier to create an exact copy of that crush you had back in freshman year, as there no longer are odd functioning, and at times quite frustrating, sliders. Now, you can just grab a part of the body that you are interested in, and by simply dragging around, you can modify the looks of your sim.Modding sim

Third: The moods system. In my opinion, a major overhaul happened here and it actually went WELL. Many more things can affect your Sim's mood and as a result, you can order your sims some actions that are fairly unique to whichever mood you're in.

Fourth: Sims can FINALLY multitask! They are no longer incapable of watching the Tele and eating at the same time while talking to their loved one! This is something that I personally have been waiting for since The Sims 1. 

Fifth: Some actions that your sims do are hilarious and sad at the same time, because they closely resemble what we do 90 percent of the times, whether that is taking an utterly ridiculous selfie, taking a picture of food for the interwebs, trolling on forums, or texting your friend all day.

Overall, this game is actually really fun, and it seems as if it simply came out at the same time as TS3 did, simply a little different!
Is it worth the 60$ for the standard and the 70$ for the limited version? Possibly.. Depends on your opinion of the game!

Let us know what you think of this game by dropping a comment below!
Thank you so much for reading!


  • Rating: 8.5/10

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