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Horizon 2 for XBox 360 - Is it worth the 50$?????

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On September 30th, Turn 10 Studios released the long awaited sequel to the Forza Horizon series. Immediately, I bought the XBox 360 version of the game on the marketplace, as it was 10 bucks cheaper and I do not have the money for the Xbox One. 
I must say, I have NEVER been so disappointed in Turn 10. Of course, to each their own opinion.. You may think the game is amazing and love it, but in my opinion, it SUCKED. Here's why I say so:

1.) The Graphics
Yes, I understand that the game has been cut down due to hardware limitations, but for god's sake, this is WORSE than the first one! Seriously! All of the textures seem to be repetitive, there very little traffic, the lighting inside the vehicle looks like TDU1 (which at it's time in 2006 I believe, it was awesome), and the car looks like it's floating because the shadows are crappy. Seriously, I get that the game needs limitation, but come on! GTA 5 is a freaking picture in comparison.

2.) Fine Tuning
What the actual heck! I bought this game for this exact reason! I want to roll around in my slammed s13 hatch. I want to hit the streets with an r32 golf that I customized so it handles the way I want. But instead, it's simply a copy of the original Horizon. The XBox One version has it, why can't we???

3.) None of those cool paints that are on FM5 or the Xbox One version of Horizon 2.
Seriously. Again. What the hell. Why the hell don't you guys give us 360 peasants all the cool paintjobs that the XBOne people do?

4.) The Map
What the.. I thought this was going to be a cool map! But it's mostly dirt and the few cities there are are deserted. Being born and raised in Italy, I was super duper excited of seeing that there was going to be a game that had Italy in the setting. But nope, it turns out to be a bad and cheap -couple of square miles big- freehand copy which is not even close to how Italy is.

Besides all of the negatives...
This game is somewhat fun physics wise, and the cars are awesome. But the negative points that I stated above are far too heavy to be outweighed by the cars and fun.
Should you buy this game if you are a XBox 360 owner? I personally would say no, but you can go ahead and do whatever you want! I don't want to influence you readers out of buying the game. I just want to inform you guys of my experience with this game. And of course, I cannot speak for the Xbox One owners, as I have had no chance of trying that version of the game.
What am I going to do with the game? Simple. I'm going to be asking for a refund.

What do you guys think of this game? Let us know in the comments below!



  • Rating: 6.5/10

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