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Assassin's Creed Unity

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If there's one thing I can say about this game, that would have to be... HOLY CRAP THIS GAME IS COOL!


To be quite honest, there aren't many bad things at all in this game. Of course, there are a few strange bugs here and there, but it definitely isn't anything gamebreaking. People have been talking to me like these bugs are absolutely horrifying, but when I tried it out for myself, the only bug that I made up to notice was the AI that sunk into the ground down to hip level, but that was for roughly 3 seconds and it never happened again. That little glitch aside, I have not noticed anything wrong with it bug-wise. I do, however, have a little bit of beef against the controls this game has and the sheer fact that it has micro-transactions. Perhaps, controls wise, it's because I enjoy the controls of Mirror's Edge more, but I simply don't like how your character jumps and grabs on to ledges, poles, and anything else, without pressing anything besides the stick. Everything seems to have a snapping function, where your character snaps onto it if close enough. And come on now.. Micro-transactions? It's almost as if Ubisoft was BEGGING for more money, even if they made a piece of art! The only other thing that somewhat bugs me, but I'm pretty sure it only affects me and very few other people, is how.. Not french the guards sound. 


The good... There are soo many things to talk about for this section! I'll try to keep it somewhat short, so you don't fall asleep on me! Can I start with the incredible amount of detail they put into this? I'll do it anyways. The amount of detail they put into this is astonishing. From the high-res textures that make everything lifelike to the light that bounces off the water and the buildings, coloring the terrain and objects surrounding it. The buildings and monuments are incredibly cool too! Supposedly, the buildings are supposed to be on a 1:1 scale, and quite honestly, you can see that! Walk into Notre Dame, and it literally seems like real life! The jaw-dropping amount of NPCs in the game.. Okay, I'll stop fanboying about the graphics and little details of the game.. Let's get into the playing aspect! 
The playtime is vast in this game. People have been telling me how they've played for seemingly endless amounts of hours (by that I mean like 40-50 hours of playtime), and yet there are still so many activities to do! The whole map was still covered in markers for side-missions, co-op missions, chests, collectibles, and etc. 
The storyline of the game is very nice and strong too, but I won't spoil that a single bit! 

Now, before you guys go on about how "stupid my review is" and all that, I do want to remind you guys that I look more into the artistic aspect of the game. 




  • Awesome graphics
  • Nice Storyline
  • Alright historical recreation


  • Micro-transactions???
  • Some bugs
  • Controls are a little iffy


  • Rating: 9.5/10

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