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The Asylum of GTN Ville

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Halloween time has come, and strange things are happening in GTN Ville.

 Andrews house has been abandoned ever since the last time we made a video, and it has gotten to all sorts of sorceries. Strange sounds such as chains being shaken.. People breathing heavily.. People running as fast as they can to survive.. It really makes people wonder what Andrew has done in that house in his alone time. 

If we go and investigate, we will find ourselves in front of a giant asylum, which has been remodeled into a house. 
As we can see, the ex asylum had quite an interesting styling. It features quite an eccentric Gothic style, with Cross shaped windows above, two side planters right by the door, and intricate detail on the roofs and corners of the building. It also has a really creepy tower in the middle, which is being said to hold the remainings of the 69 patients.

It is set right in front of the GTN Ville cemetery. Oddly enough, the person who designed the building decided that it would be a wonderful idea to build the house over a giant ravine.. Why, we'll never understand. What we can understand, however, is that something extremely creepy happened in here! Will we ever have the guts to know what happened? That we don't know.

If we are to walk inside, we would find ourselves in a horrific crime scene. Someone here has murdered and beheaded a person, probably one of the patients who attempted to escape the asylum.

If we go downstairs, we find an odd door. Behind this door, is this giant prison. Legend narrates that this is where the patients were being held. The cells are extremely tiny, and we believe that they were extremely crowded.

Downstairs, near the door that brings you to the prison, we found this odd bookcase. As we advanced and got nearer to that little pot, this secret alley had been uncovered! So naturally, we investigated a little more.

In here, we found an extremely eerie Lobotomy room. We quite honestly do not want to know what went on in here. Just looking at the furniture sends us chills down our spines.

Down that alley, we also found something fairly creepy. We have found a morgue and an incenerator, which makes us wonder how many other patients there were.

So that does it! What do you think of Andrew's creepy new house? Let us know in the comments below!


Note: Everything was built in Survival Mode.
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