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It's possible to make the Xbox One Kinect work for PC, here's how

Kinext 2 xbox one pc Kinext 2 xbox one pc
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The Xbox One Kinect isn't officially set up to run on a PC, but a group of intrepid hackers have figured out the exact kind of tweaking the hardware needs in order to do so.

Hacker and developer Chris Gallizzi, who last fall was working to get the Xbox One controller running with Windows 7, has cracked the code to getting the Kinect hooked up to the PC. The video above shows Gallizzi with fellow developer Jesse Aragon demonstrating their workaround, which requires a custom cable.

The pair plan to release the cable at retail through their company, gaming accessory maker Hyperkin Inc.
Microsoft released a dedicated PC version of the new Kinect's software development kit earlier this week. You can grab it for $199.

From Chris Gallizzi (YouTube)
VIA Engadget

Last modified onWednesday, 10 December 2014 02:17

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