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YES! You can expand the storage on your XBOX One!

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Yes, yes... the XBOX One has an internal HDD that is big, with a WHOPPING 500GB of storage, but... We though that the XBOX 360, with it's measly 20GB HDD had plenty, too!
So, we went into detail and discovered that the XBOX One can support an external HDD (Or SSD) with no problem at all, and if you choose the right drive, it will be FASTER than the internal storage unit. That's because the internal HDD is a 5400 RPM model.
If you choose a good HDD (7200 or more RPM, maybe hybrid) or - better - an SSD, the data transfer rate is going to be higher than the rate of the stock unit, making the loading times of your games shorter. Cool, isn't it?

How do I set up external storage?

When the XBOX One detects a compatible external storage drive for the first time, it will walk the user through setting it up to store games and apps.
Of course, the drive needs to be compatible with the specifications, in order to be used as GAME storage, otherwise, the Xbox will treat the unit as a "Song/Video storage only" device.
The basic requirements for storing games and apps on an external drive are:

- Has capacity of 256 GB or more
- Uses USB 3.0.
- Is formatted with EXFAT partition

If you have a storage device that does meet the above requirements for game and app storage, you can cancel the format to use it as a media device.

How do I manage external storage?

In "My games & apps", you can view content by storage device. To do this, highlight a game or app, press the Menu button on your controller, and then select Manage game. You will then be able to move or copy content between storage devices.


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