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Forza 6 has been announced!

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The guys at Turn 10 Studios have announced the Xbox One exclusive title "Forza 6," and it is needless to say a lot of people are excited!

 Seriously, the whole Forza series (especially the Forza Motorsport series, Horizon 1/2 not included) has become a joy for many motorheads and common folks!
The game's announcement happened on the same day that Ford announced its GT supercar. The brand new Ford GT, with its Twin Turbo EcoBoost v6 engine spitting out 600hp and carbon-fiber body will in fact be featured as the car in the cover of Forza 6. 
Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, stated that it is an honor to share the "historic moment with Ford and celebrate the legacy of the GT," by making it the featured cover car.

Hopefully, this installment in the FM series will bring back all of the cars and tracks that were cut out of from Forza 5 that originally were on the other installments, as well as having the ability to create custom public lobbies and the ability to auction off cars.

No release date has been given out as of right now, but do stay tuned to recieve all of the latest updates regarding Forza Motorsport 6.


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