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XBOX One - Microsoft rolls out an update

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Microsoft is rolling out an Xbox One update today, and it features some major improvements.

You should see a lot of changes to your Xbox One if you boot it up today. Microsoft is improving how fast your controller connects to the box and it’s adding profiles for games. The company has regularly added new features and improvements to its console since launching the Xbox One in 2013, and it’s keeping that trend going with the first major patch of 2015.

The first big improvement is to the controller. You can dive into the options and find an upgrade for the Xbox One joypad’s firmware. All you need to do is connect it with a USB cord and run the update. This will change the length of time it takes the the device to find and connect with the Xbox One from around 10 seconds to just 2 seconds.

Another major addition is game hubs. Now, just like every player has their own profile, so does every game. From these menus you can see updates about the games, clips, and leaderboards. Microsoft has wisely turned over the control of these hubs to each developer, which means that the people who make the game can share information, updates, and their favorite videos with Xbox One owners. It’s a feature that is similar to Nintendo’s Miiverse but with an extra layer of functionality.

Finally, Microsoft is making the menu panels in the interface semi-transparent so you can better see your custom background pictures. And it is adding the “trending television” to a number of Xbox One markets in Europe.

From VentureBeat

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