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Hardware News

Hardware News

Microsoft adds backward 360 compatibility to the XBOX ONE!

Every month, Microsoft adds new feature updates to the Xbox One platform, and an upcoming one (Which will be out around December) is going to add backward-compatibility with the Xbox 360.

Phil Spencer at the company’s E3 press conference said “Our goal is to deliver the largest games catalog ever on Xbox, and Xbox backwards compatibility allows us to do just that.’’ .

Mike Ybarra, head of the platform engineering team at Microsoft, said that Microsoft will offer “hundreds of titles by the holiday season, with hundreds more in the months to come.” Digital versions of all your Xbox 360 titles will automatically begin showing up on Xbox One, he said.

Retails discs will work as well: “Put the disc in, download the game, and you’re ready to go,” Ybarra said.

Microsoft showed off Mass Effect running on the Xbox One, but with Xbox One features, such as broadcasting, game DVR, and the ability to take screenshots or stream via the Xbox app on Windows 10. You’ll also be able to play multiplayer with your Xbox 360 friends.

And apparently all that’s required is for the developer to sign off on it. “No work is required on their part to make all of this possible,” Ybarra said.

If you’re an Xbox Preview member, you’re lucky—you’ll get an initial set of titles try out today, Ybarra said. For everyone else, there’s the holidays.

“For Xbox One, we won’t charge you to play the games you already own,” Ybarra said. That was obviously a dig at Sony, whose PlayStation Now service allows you to play PlayStation 3 games on your PlayStation 4 console, but charges you $20 per month for the service.

Why this matters: Backward-compatibility was one feature that every Xbox One gamer hoped for, but no one actually expected. Now, any Xbox One owner can take advantage of their back catalog—or jump in to older games that they may have passed over. Game developers have to be excited—Microsoft just gave its Xbox 360 lineup a jumpstart, opening those older titles up to gamers who owned a PlayStation during that generation.

XBOX One - Microsoft rolls out an update

Microsoft is rolling out an Xbox One update today, and it features some major improvements.

You should see a lot of changes to your Xbox One if you boot it up today. Microsoft is improving how fast your controller connects to the box and it’s adding profiles for games. The company has regularly added new features and improvements to its console since launching the Xbox One in 2013, and it’s keeping that trend going with the first major patch of 2015.

The first big improvement is to the controller. You can dive into the options and find an upgrade for the Xbox One joypad’s firmware. All you need to do is connect it with a USB cord and run the update. This will change the length of time it takes the the device to find and connect with the Xbox One from around 10 seconds to just 2 seconds.

Another major addition is game hubs. Now, just like every player has their own profile, so does every game. From these menus you can see updates about the games, clips, and leaderboards. Microsoft has wisely turned over the control of these hubs to each developer, which means that the people who make the game can share information, updates, and their favorite videos with Xbox One owners. It’s a feature that is similar to Nintendo’s Miiverse but with an extra layer of functionality.

Finally, Microsoft is making the menu panels in the interface semi-transparent so you can better see your custom background pictures. And it is adding the “trending television” to a number of Xbox One markets in Europe.

From VentureBeat

HoloLens! Microsoft wants us to have a HoloDeck!

Microsoft is going the holodeck route with something called HoloLens.
These are holographic glasses and they'll be coming out around the same time as Windows 10. Man, this sure looks awesome and cool and probably also janky and questionably useful! We'll find out first-hand soon though... (We hope)

Hololens is no Oculus. First, it's untethered. Everything is in the headset; that includes a CPU, a GPU, and something Microsoft is calling a Holographic Processor. HPU? Also, this isn't about throwing you into some VR screen-in-front-of-your-face cave. Hololens is about putting virtual things all over your real life, like Google Glass but somehow uglier and bigger but also better better. Exactly the experience we're hoping to see with the mysterious Magic Leap.

As a Windows 10 device, the Hololens should also be able to run any app that a Windows 10 PC or phone will be able to, so long as there's some holomagic UI programmed in. That could help make it easier for cool shit to come to these insane goggles whenever it is that they launch. For now, we're stuck with basic tech demos.

YES! You can expand the storage on your XBOX One!

Yes, yes... the XBOX One has an internal HDD that is big, with a WHOPPING 500GB of storage, but... We though that the XBOX 360, with it's measly 20GB HDD had plenty, too!
So, we went into detail and discovered that the XBOX One can support an external HDD (Or SSD) with no problem at all, and if you choose the right drive, it will be FASTER than the internal storage unit. That's because the internal HDD is a 5400 RPM model.
If you choose a good HDD (7200 or more RPM, maybe hybrid) or - better - an SSD, the data transfer rate is going to be higher than the rate of the stock unit, making the loading times of your games shorter. Cool, isn't it?

How do I set up external storage?

When the XBOX One detects a compatible external storage drive for the first time, it will walk the user through setting it up to store games and apps.
Of course, the drive needs to be compatible with the specifications, in order to be used as GAME storage, otherwise, the Xbox will treat the unit as a "Song/Video storage only" device.
The basic requirements for storing games and apps on an external drive are:

- Has capacity of 256 GB or more
- Uses USB 3.0.
- Is formatted with EXFAT partition

If you have a storage device that does meet the above requirements for game and app storage, you can cancel the format to use it as a media device.

How do I manage external storage?

In "My games & apps", you can view content by storage device. To do this, highlight a game or app, press the Menu button on your controller, and then select Manage game. You will then be able to move or copy content between storage devices.


XBOX ONE Does NOT support MS Silverlight or Flash Player

Some webpages you view using Internet Explorer for Xbox may appear blank or notify you that a browser plug-in (such as Flash, Java, or Silverlight) is required. These pages require browser plugs-ins to load properly. However, Internet Explorer on Xbox doesn’t support browser plug-ins. 
To work around this problem, try configuring Internet Explorer on Xbox to request the mobile version of webpages that you want to view. Here’s how:

  • Press Y to display the Web Hub.
  • Select the Settings icon on the address bar.
  • Select the Use web pages formatted for mobile devices check-box.
  • Select OK, and then reload the webpage.
  • It's possible to make the Xbox One Kinect work for PC, here's how

    The Xbox One Kinect isn't officially set up to run on a PC, but a group of intrepid hackers have figured out the exact kind of tweaking the hardware needs in order to do so.

    Hacker and developer Chris Gallizzi, who last fall was working to get the Xbox One controller running with Windows 7, has cracked the code to getting the Kinect hooked up to the PC. The video above shows Gallizzi with fellow developer Jesse Aragon demonstrating their workaround, which requires a custom cable.

    The pair plan to release the cable at retail through their company, gaming accessory maker Hyperkin Inc.
    Microsoft released a dedicated PC version of the new Kinect's software development kit earlier this week. You can grab it for $199.

    From Chris Gallizzi (YouTube)
    VIA Engadget

    Microsoft XBox One in White coming out later this year

    Last year, Microsoft developed a white variant of the Microsoft XBox One for the Employees.. However, now the company plans to bring it out to the public alongside with Sunset Overdrive. Speaking to Polygon, a Microsoft spokesperson revealed that this XBox One variant will come bundled with Sunset Overdrive, which will launch on October 28th. Microsoft still has not revealed the price of the console, or an exact release date for the bunle, but the confirmation of a white variant of the XBox One heading to store shelves follows rumors suggesting Microsoft would launch the bundle in October.

    Android 5.0 L Update for Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10: What Should We Expect From It?

    As many of you may know by now, Android 5.0 L will be released later this year for  the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10.. But what exactly should we expect from this new update?

    The lads behind Android did not reveal the Sweet name just yet, nor is the version number official yet, but considering the endless amounts of changes on the famous phone OS, you should expect it to be Android 5.0. And what will the name be? Many voices seem to be pointing at the name Lollipop, considering Google's alphabetical patterns on naming their OS.

    This new update will most likely be one of of the biggest in Google's mobile platform since its debut. The new "Material Design" philosophy is drastically changing Android's face for the better. The interface of the lockscreen has been fiddled with as well, now allowing users to interact with notifications. Furthermore, the notifications are prioritized based on the frequency you interact with them!

    The notification bar went through a makeover as well. Besides the new color scheme, the notification bar no longer shows a "Quick Settings" button. In order to access the Quick Settings, you now have to pull down once to show the notifications bar, then pull down once more to access the toggles. Here, you'll be able to finde the usual toggles for WiFi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb Mode, Sound, Rotation Lock, and Location. You will also be able to control your screen's brightness with a slider. The Auto-Brightness is now gone, and has been replaced by an "Adaptive Brightness" function.

    The Settings menu of Android 5.0 L has also recieved a new interface and it now allows the users to search for certain settings within the Settings themselves. The status bar behaves differently in the new Android release: it stays transparent in Home and Lockscreens, but it's also capable of changing color to match the action bar of the running app on the screen. 

    The multitasking has also been improved upon and it has recieved a new look as well. recent apps are now shown as cards stacked one over another, while apps like chrome can show more than one card. That's not necessarily good news, because if you have multiple tabs opened in Chrome, the multitasking might get over-crowded.

    But the real question now is: when can the public get Android L? So far, the Mountain View-based company has released two major updates per year: one in early summer and one in mid-fall. However, Google switched the cards on us this year. They officially previewed Android L at the latest Google I/O, and made the Developer Preview available for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, most likely followed by the release of the final version sometime this fall, making the company stick to their usual late-October schedule.

    As always, the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 will be the first few devices to recieve this new update. Next in line are probably going to be the Google Play Experience smartphones and tablets and, if Motorola sticks to their good habit, so will the Moto X and their next-gen Flagship. HTC officially revealed that they are planning to offer the Android L within 90 days after they recieve the final code from Google. Samsung, LG, and Sony will probably bring the new update on their smartphones late 2014 or early 2015.

    Special thanks to ANDROID GEEKS for bringing us some news!
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